How to Join

How to join.

Biodynamic farmers and gardeners and friends of biodynamics will meet all over the world on Whitsun Saturday/Sunday and apply the biodynamic preparation to celebrate almost 100 years of biodynamics.  How can you be part of the World Biodynamic Day?

You can organise an event.

You don’t need to have a farm to organise an event. It could be a small back yard garden, your local school, grounds of the church, municipal grounds and so on – where you feel called to celebrate and apply the biodynamic preparations.

Last year people gathered for sleep overs on the farm, had BBQ‘s, farm talks and walks, Eurythmy performances were held, we had story telling at a local Waldorf school in the North America and not to forget, applied together as a community the biodynamic preparations onto the land.  See here some pictures of last years event (click to enlarge).


Photos of World Biodynamic Day 2017Photos of World Biodynamic Day 2017Photos of World Biodynamic Day 2017Photos of World Biodynamic Day 2017


If you want to hold an event, you can register your place on the worldmap. (here If you want to register, please send all contact details you want to appear via the contact form ( and you will be added.

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Or you join an event.

Not everyone who loves biodynamics has a garden or those new to gardening and biodynamics. You can register your name on the map as a „event seeker“ or search the map, may be you find a farm near you. If you want to be added, please send all your details via the contact form.

The other way could be if you join facebook and join the following groups. There might be a biodynamic group for your country perhaps. Below a list of biodynamic groups on facebook that are well visited.

Or contact your local Biodynamic /Demeter Association, who can connect you with local groups in your country. More infos here:

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If you have any question, feel free to ask them in the mentioned groups or email via the contact form.

Happy Whitsun Spraying! 🙂