On this page you find downloadable photos, files, logos, videos etc, that you can use to promote your event. All free to share. Please note, if you want to share for instance Media on facebook, just use the files from the section ‘facebook’, as all the Media have the specific facebook format.

Texts: The texts are at the moment only in English. If you speak another language and would like to help translate into your native language, please write a short email to

Click on the images or file name to download the media files. If you have problems, please email.

IMPORTANT! If you want your farm name and specific infos to be added to the following graphics, same applies to the videos. please email with the details and they can be added. <3

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Email text to share with links

You can copy and paste this text into your email and invite your friends via email – Biodynamic farmers, gardeners, Waldorf teachers, Eurythmist or those new to it. Ask them to forward the email, so a snow ball system hopefully develops.

Text as: ( Word / Open Office / PDF )

Texto como: (Word / Open Office / PDF )

Invitation World Biodynamic Day 2018, general

 Invitation World Biodynamic Day 2018, ENGLISH (Word / Open Office  / PDF )

Review World Biodynamic Day 2017

 Review World Biodynamic Day 2017, ENGLISH, (Word / Open Office / PDF)

(Other languages to come. If you have time to help translating, please email )



You can download the Logo with clear. This Logo has been designed by the lovely Maira Rahme from Brazil from ODD YELLOW Design Consultancy. If you need design work or consultancy, please consider buying her services ( backgroud (left) and white background (right).


If you would like to use the same font as on the website here and other Media, you can download it here.

AMATIC SC font (download here:

OPEN SANS CONDENSED font (download here:

Impressions of World Biodynamic Day 2017

Collections of Photos of World Biodynamic Day 2017, (download= click on image)


Will follow soon, meanwhile you can link to a video on youtube, vimeo or dailymotion (all the same)


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Please help spreading the word and link to or let your farm/ garden details be added below the logo to promote your event  (see sample on the right).


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