Dear Everyone, this is the place to find informations, meet other biodynamic practitioners, get updates on the day. For updates go into the Section you want to be informed (Click here to see a image how to do it).

If there are any questions, please post them in the forum.

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World Biodynamic Day Forum

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In this section you find all relevant updates about the World Biodynamic Day. If you subcribe to the "Subscribe For new topics" or "RSS" below , you will be everytime automatically informed. Infos are sent once in a blue moon, so no worries about being jammed in your inbox.

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Micro Reaction Vessel


Question about the Worldday

Do you have a question regarding the World Biodynamic Day? Please ask here and someone will answer.

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Solid Surface Lotion Bottle ma...


About biodynamics and the preparations

You dont know what biodynamics is? You cant find preparations? You have any question, relating to biodynamics and the preparations? Here is the place to ask.

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If you can not find the prepar...


About finding/organising an event

Here you find answers to all questions relating of organising an event. If you want to joing an event and cant find one. Or want to get more infos from others. Please ask here.

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China precision plastic part m...


New Promotional Material

Any new Infos for promoting the day is posted here. If you want to help spreading the word, please take the files from here.

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The Forum will share Infos abo...


Any other topics here

If there is anything, that is not covered by the categories above, please post here.

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Suggestions for the Helper Team

Is there anything that got forgotten? Needs improvement? Errors in the translation? Please post your thoughts here and the helper team look at it.

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