World Biodynamic Day - Celebrating almost 100 years of Biodynamic Agriculture.

World Biodynamic Day

Celebrating Biodynamics

Inspired by the World Eurythmy Day in 2016, the World Biodynamic Day was initiated to remember the birth hour of biodynamics and celebrate as a community almost 100 years of biodynamic agriculture.

Future Dates

Every Whitsun Weekend, everyone who wants, can celebrate. Many are spraying, some have parties, some are alone, everyone as one most prefers to celebrate.

23 of May 2021

05th of June 2022

28th of May 2023

Join other Initiatives

Spray and Pray. Celebrating as a community the preps together with eurythmy. Insta:

Merry Prepstirs. Celebrating at special cosmic times. Join on Facebook.

World Biodynamic Day: Celebrating the birthing hours of biodynamics, every year on Whitsun Weekend. /

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